Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our pilots with the most fun and safe environment, while remaining professional and running realistic operations all the time. 

About Us

We are Virtual Ice, an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline founded in 2021 with the goal of binging more activity to the beautiful country of Iceland.

Why Us

We will always put our pilots experience first ensuring that they always feel great about being part of Virtual Ice and the community surrounding it.

Our Staff

Meet our staff team! They are here to provide you with the best experience possible, they will always be here to answer any questions you may have or assist you in any problems you may be facing.

Looking to be part of this team? We have spots open! If you are interested, please PM @Pajd02 on the IFC letting him know.

Patrick is the owner and founder of Virtual Ice. He helps operate the entire VA and overlooks the entire staff team and pilots.

Steven helps out Patrick in Virtual Airline management as well as general housekeeping within the Discord, CrewCenter, Airtable, etc...

Jonathan helps moderate the discord, handles any issues within the server. He also helps with general staff needs.

Checks over applications and makes sure they will be a good fit in the VA, along with welcoming new pilots and providing them with a great starting experience.

Icey runs weekly events to keep VA activity up and provide our pilots with great opportunities to fly with eachother.


Virtual Ice has 8 different ranks for pilots to unlock. They are listed below.

New Pilot (0-15 hours) 
Trainee (15-30 hours) 
Second Officer (30-50 hours)
First Officer (50-100 hours)
Senior First Officer (100-130 hours) 
Captain (130-150 hours)
Senior Captain (150-200 hours)
Commander (200+ hours)


Virtual Ice operates 5 total aircrafts. 4 Iceland Air aircraft and one Air Iceland Regional aircraft.

You may click the button below each aircraft for more information.